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The jewelry line that translates nature into wearable art!

Anita Berisha was founded by the self-taught designer in New York in 2017. Her eponymous brand is known for its playful, modern and unique take on jewelry.
Anita’s appreciation for the world’s natural beauty is reflected in her nature-inspired collections.
Each piece is made from gold-plated brass or rhodium-plated sterling silver, threaded with freshwater pearls, seashells, unique gemstones and crystals to resemble natural surroundings. From icebergs, to water droplets, flowers and plants, earth layers to seas, every collection has a unique, often personal story to tell, that is curated and translated into wearable works of art to be cherished as a meaningful symbol in addition to an heirloom object.
As a slow fashion brand, almost every Anita Berisha design is meticulously handmade and made-to-order in our Brooklyn studio with the environment in mind.

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translating nature into wearable art