“BRANCHES” S/S 16 -Bridal Collection

Delicacy, Sophistication & Glamour, are the words to describe best Anita Berisha’s Jewelry designs, especially “Branches”..

This summer I created a bridal collection that was fully inspired by the beauty and diversity of the botanical world! Starting from very rare tropical vines and flowers, branches from all the varieties of plants and trees, every headpiece speaks the language of beauty and uniqueness in their own words…
Besides Silver and Gold tones, I brought a new Copper shade, that I’m very happy to be introducing it to you!
Starting from freshwater Pearls, Swarovski crystals, Czech beads, gold & silver plated wire, all the Eighteen headpieces have been handcrafted carefully and professionally with so much dedication and passion!
The collection itself shows the power of Simplicity and differs from other collections with the range of colors and styles.. From the easy hair up do’s, gold and copper make-up and  being barefoot in the flare sleeved silver & white dress, wandering around Central Park, there’s something Special, Modern and very Romantic about it! I wanted to create the idea that every Bride is able to conquer and be effortlessly beautiful in her own flaws..
Wishing you a happily ever after!




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